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New 2 4-H??

Are you new to 4-H?? Then you have come to the right place!!!

We offer discounts for 4-H families getting started. We have everything you need to start your rabbitry project right. From supplies to rabbits, CRC has what your 4Her needs.

 One of the other things we do here is hold a Bunny School. It's an informative "class" to help you understand what all is involved in breeding, raising and showing rabbits.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions. 

Fair Shows

Most fair shows are small with as little as 20 rabbits. McLean Co Fair is one of the larger ones I've seen when it comes to rabbits. DeWitt Co Fair is one of the smallest I've seen when it comes to rabbits. Having shown in both of these fairs, we can share with you the difference.

McLean Co:

McLean County 4H Fair shows their rabbits in "breed" much like a regular ARBA show. The most popular breeds, Dutch, Netherland Dwarf... are shown just like ARBA shows, Mini Satin are shown with other 4 Class animals (polish, flordia white...) McLean Co uses ARBA judges to judge the rabbits (This year, Dick Gehr and Mark Jacobs will be judging)


DeWitt Co:

DeWitt County Fair is smaller with all 4 Class animals showing together and all 6 Class animals showing together. This fair has 15-20 rabbits all together so this is the only way they can do it. While last year (2008) Ron Peterson (ARBA JUDGE) was the judge for the show, I am unsure who will be judging this year.


Champaign Co:

We have never shown in Champaign Co BUT, I have done the Rabbit Workshop for them recently and have been asked to assist in Judging this years Rabbits. If I do indeed assist, I will post how things are run!!


ARBA -- American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

While you do not need to be a member of ARBA to show in your local 4H fairs, it is a great club to be a member of. If you decide to show your rabbits in ARBA sanctioned show (see list on right), you can earn legs on your rabbit to eventually get Granded.

You can visit for more information regarding membership

Breast Cancer Awareness

UPDATED!!!! 6/30/13


The following does have babies IN THE BOX!!! 

Xena (mini lop)

Tracy (mini lop)

D175 (californian)

DD124 (californian)

2JB25 (californian)

The following does have litters recently weaned 

M9 -- 2 


Maria x Carlos (English Spots) -- Due July 30, 2013




Check back for updates!



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