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Cherokee Flats was origionally Cody's Rabbit Cave and was started by Cody in 2004 as a 4-h Project. We started with a beautiful pair of Chocolate Dutch from Andrew Craig of Bloomington IL. Since then, we have added other breeds and focus mainly on the Mini Lops but have Netherland Dwarfs and Californians as well. We also moved to the country in Aug 2006. We love showing our rabbits and educating people on proper care.

About Mom and Dad


Crystal and Brian Smith


Crystal currently stays at home and keeps track of the family (and that's a full-time job) She also runs an online support group for children and adults for Mitochondrial Diseases, visits local schools, 4-H groups, is the Webmaster for CF's website, Crystal is also an active member of the DeWitt County Ground Search & Rescue based out of Clinton and has a "bunny school" at CF to educate people on rabbit care.


 Brian is a Systems Analyst at State Farm Ins in Bloomington, IL. He enjoys football and driving Mom crazy!! Brian builds all the cages we have for sale, along with the nestboxes. He also builds Rabbit Runs that we sell to customers for outside fun for your rabbits!!

About the Kids


Austin, Autumn and Cody Smith

Pic Above is from 2005!!! Hard to believe they have all grown up so much!

Austin is 13 years old. He's a member of the LeRoy 4H in LeRoy IL, Cub Scouts, JFL Football (GO KNIGHTS!!), loves having fun outside. He is my little farm boy. Austin also had about 30 chickens here that he keeps up with! He's a busy boy!!

Cody is 16 and is in the LeRoy 4H in LeRoy IL. He enjoys video games, playing with the baby bunnies and making everyone laugh. He raises the White Mini Satins.

Autumn is 10 and is now an official Rabbit Breeder!! She has her very own herd of Mini Lops and is excited to see them grow. She is a survivor on many levels and everyone looks up to our little angel. Autumn has Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy, Hyper-Thyroidism, Growth Hormone Defeciency (IGF-1), Hypothalamis Disfunction, Heart issues and more. She is a strong little girl and we are glad she's in our lives!! She plays baseball for The Miracle League in Bloomington IL and LOVES it!!