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Each of our cages we offer for sale to our Bunny Customers has been hand built by Brian Smith of CRC. Supplies are provided by Koenig's Kountry Supplies, Edwardsville, IL. A BIG thanks to Kris & Keith Koenig for working with us to help provide HIGH quality cages to our Rabbit families :) 


We have NEW CAGE KITS available!!

We will be carrying 2 sizes:

DT24 is perfect for Dutch & Mini Satin (24" x 24" x 14") $80 -- pictured above

PO18 is perfect for Polish & Netherland Dwarf (24" x 18" x 14") $70

Cage Features (per KKS catalog):

  • Each cage is constructed of 14-ga. galvanized wire
  • TOP & SIDES: 2" x 1" GBW
  • FLOOR: 1/2" x 1" GAW
  • Wire Floor under Dura-Tray
  • Metal Urine Guards
  • Metal Card Holder
  • Wing-out Door w/plastic door guards (perfect for house training)
  • Dura-Tray door too keep little kids (and critters) from getting into the pan


  • Above described cage in your choice (DT24 or PO18) 
  • 32 oz Wide Mouth Lixit water bottle
  • Choice of: 10 oz EZ crock or 5" Ceramic Crock (blue, yellow or red)
  • EZ-Pad (resting pad)
  • 4 lbs of Manna Pro feed (choice of Pro, Gro or Sho)
  • Chew Blocks (5 wood, 5 alfalfa hay cubes)

Breast Cancer Awareness

UPDATED!!!! 6/30/13


The following does have babies IN THE BOX!!! 

Xena (mini lop)

Tracy (mini lop)

D175 (californian)

DD124 (californian)

2JB25 (californian)

The following does have litters recently weaned 

M9 -- 2 


Maria x Carlos (English Spots) -- Due July 30, 2013




Check back for updates!



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There are several ways of contacting us here at Cherokee Flats.


Phone: 309-928-9460


Crystal's Mobile: 309-530-4206 (text also)

Brian's Mobile: 309-530-7057 (text also)


Please send all payments/reservation fees in CASH or Money Order ONLY

made payable to Crystal Smith to:

Cherokee Flats

c/o Crystal Smith

14976 LeRoy Rd.

Farmer City, IL  61842


Thank you!!