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Rabbit Runs

Quality Rabbit Runs made by Cody's dad....


  • 3'4" x 3' x 2' price: $50.00 (pictured above)
  • 5'4" x 3' x 2' price: $70.00
  • 5'4" x 3' x 2' with divider price: $80.00
  • Custom made runs also available. Call today for a quote.


Does your rabbit get "cabin fever"?? Then get one of our Rabbit Runs. Keeps unwanted critters our and your rabbit in. Good for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

NOW AVAILABLE: Large rabbit run with divider. Now you can have one rabbit run and put 2 rabbits in it without the fear of fighting or accidental litters.

Call 309-928-9460 today for a quote.

Will ship to anywhere in the continental US (lower 48) using FedEx ground for $100.00 (large run) (this includes shipping, packing supplies and insurance) This price is based on estimates from FedEx and recent shippings. Small run or custom runs would have to be quoted from FedEx. If you live close to Bloomington, IL (<4 hrs), you can make arrangements for delivery of your rabbit run for a gas fee or you may pick up your rabbit run here at CRC. If you'd like more information regarding our runs, please email or call us.

Gas Fees are:

<30 miles from Farmer City -- $30

31- 100 miles from Farmer City -- $60

>100 miles from Farmer City -- $100

Prices can change depending on gas prices/miles/time of year

Order yours TODAY!

To place an order, please use our ORDER FORM and follow the instructions on that page. Thank you

Breast Cancer Awareness

UPDATED!!!! 6/30/13


The following does have babies IN THE BOX!!! 

Xena (mini lop)

Tracy (mini lop)

D175 (californian)

DD124 (californian)

2JB25 (californian)

The following does have litters recently weaned 

M9 -- 2 


Maria x Carlos (English Spots) -- Due July 30, 2013




Check back for updates!



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There are several ways of contacting us here at Cherokee Flats.


Phone: 309-928-9460


Crystal's Mobile: 309-530-4206 (text also)

Brian's Mobile: 309-530-7057 (text also)


Please send all payments/reservation fees in CASH or Money Order ONLY

made payable to Crystal Smith to:

Cherokee Flats

c/o Crystal Smith

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Thank you!!