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Pet Rabbit Sales Policy

~We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal at any time, for any reason~

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, if you do not agree to our sales policy, do not purchase a rabbit from us.


Age of Sale Pet:

All our pet rabbits are fully weaned and well adjusted to life without mom before they are offered for sale - please do NOT ask to purchase a pet younger than 8 weeks old-I make absolutely NO exceptions!


Price and Payment:

Our pet-quality rabbits are $10 and go up from there. No discount provided on pet quality animals. ALL RESERVATION FEES ARE DUE TO US WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RESERVATION. If we do not receive your reservation or deposit by then, the animal (s) will be place back up for sale and you will NOT be notified. Full cash payment is expected at the time of sale. No personal checks are accepted. Money Order or Cash only. 

Special circumstances warrant special prices  We may decide to part with an older or retired animal, and these older animals may be offered at a reduced price.

None of our pets are offered for free - it is not the money that is important to us (believe me, there is no profit in raising rabbits), but your willingness to pay a reasonable price for a pet helps indicate to us that you are a seriously-committed pet owner. Pets obtained free are oftentimes not valued as highly as a pet purchased with hard-earned or saved-up money.


We are by appointment only for the purchase of pet rabbits. However, there are other ways of getting your new pet.

Rabbit Shows -You can meet with us at any of the Illinois area rabbit shows we attend. You can find a list of rabbit shows we plan to attend by visiting our Rabbit Show website segment. Be sure to email us ahead of time so we bring some pet rabbits to the show you plan to come to!

In Bloomington/Normal or Champaign/Urbana - On occasion I may be able to meet with you in the Bloomington/Normal or Champaign/Urbana areas. Both are within 30 mins from me We charge a $15 gas fee if you are wanting your pet delivered.

No Shipping - I am sorry but we have never shipped pet rabbits and don't plan to.

When you pick up your pet rabbit:

Bring a suitable carrier for your new pet! I don't always have boxes or other containers that will securely hold your new pet on his trip home! If you are buying a Satin - please bring a carrier large enough! Email us at if you need help deciding how to transport your new pet!

What you get with your pet:

1) bag of starter food 2) bag of grass hay 3) Rabbit Care instructions 4) birth certificate (pedigrees are not available for pets)

Return Policy for Pet Sales:

All sales are FINAL. We are not able to do take-backs due to limited space.


Gender of Young Pets:

Correctly determining the gender of very young rabbits can be difficult, even for experienced breeders - we make every effort to insure you are getting the gender you want but you must realize this is not an exact art! If soon after your purchase, you discover your pet is not the gender you though it was, please contact us for possible replacement, although I cannot guarantee immediate replacement!


We do not sell ill pets and we offer no returns for illness once the animal leaves here.


Help and Advice:

Is free for as long as you own the pet! Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need help. If we don't have the answer, we will try to find it for you! Our experience with house rabbits is limited as all of our are housed in the garage/barn and we can only offer advice that relates to care similar to how we raise rabbits.


**Subject to chance without notice as we see fit**

Breast Cancer Awareness

UPDATED!!!! 6/30/13


The following does have babies IN THE BOX!!! 

Xena (mini lop)

Tracy (mini lop)

D175 (californian)

DD124 (californian)

2JB25 (californian)

The following does have litters recently weaned 

M9 -- 2 


Maria x Carlos (English Spots) -- Due July 30, 2013




Check back for updates!



Contact Us

There are several ways of contacting us here at Cherokee Flats.


Phone: 309-928-9460


Crystal's Mobile: 309-530-4206 (text also)

Brian's Mobile: 309-530-7057 (text also)


Please send all payments/reservation fees in CASH or Money Order ONLY

made payable to Crystal Smith to:

Cherokee Flats

c/o Crystal Smith

14976 LeRoy Rd.

Farmer City, IL  61842


Thank you!!