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Rabbit Sales Agreement

ALL buyers (whether purchasing a pet or breeder) MUST sign and agree to a Rabbit Sales Agreement. This agreement includes the following:

Description of Rabbit(s) to be purchased

This section will have their age, weight, date of pigk-up/delivery, date of birth, parents, physical description of the rabbit(s), price agreed upon, if a deposit was made and when it was made.

Health Guarentee

This section will tell you what we cover and what we don't.

Currently, CRC does NOT offer a health guarentee. Rabbits are deemed healthy and free of disease at the time they leave the barn. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Buyer will go over rabbit(s) with seller BEFORE they leave the barn.

Quality Guarentee

This section will have the description of the quality of a perticular rabbit as follows:


  1. Rabbit has been sold to buyer by seller as "pet quality". pet quality shall be understood to mean that because of disqulaifying cosmetic faults as defined in the ARBA Standard which appear to be irreversible, the rabbit shall not be bred, nor be shown in conformation shows.
  2. Buyer agrees to take all measure necessare to insure that the rabbit is NOT MATED and does not have the opportunity to sire or deliver a litter or litters.
  3. The buyer also understands that pet quality rabbits DO NOT come with any pedigrees


  1. Rabbit has been sold to Buyers by Seller as "Breed/Show Prospect." Breed/show prospect shall be understood to mean that no disqualifying cosmetic faults as defined in the ARBA Standards are evident at the time of sale and further that no genetic disorders are immediately apparent.
  2. Seller shall not be held responsible for development of disqualifying faults, diseases or disorders.
  3. Seller makes NO GUARENTEE of breeding or showing success.

General Guarantee

This is where both seller and buyer sign and date. Both parties will have a copy of this agreement.

Breast Cancer Awareness

UPDATED!!!! 6/30/13


The following does have babies IN THE BOX!!! 

Xena (mini lop)

Tracy (mini lop)

D175 (californian)

DD124 (californian)

2JB25 (californian)

The following does have litters recently weaned 

M9 -- 2 


Maria x Carlos (English Spots) -- Due July 30, 2013




Check back for updates!



Contact Us

There are several ways of contacting us here at Cherokee Flats.


Phone: 309-928-9460


Crystal's Mobile: 309-530-4206 (text also)

Brian's Mobile: 309-530-7057 (text also)


Please send all payments/reservation fees in CASH or Money Order ONLY

made payable to Crystal Smith to:

Cherokee Flats

c/o Crystal Smith

14976 LeRoy Rd.

Farmer City, IL  61842


Thank you!!